BVSR – ABEC is the official association for student riding in Belgium. students between 17 and 28 years old can compete in several national and international events. The only thing that is really needed is to be a student in an university (or university collage) for the first time, last year’s high-school are also allowed to become member. The membership is comfirmed after paying the annual fee. After the first year, a student can extend its membership even if he or she isn’t studying anymore.

Members of the BVSR-ABEC can compete for free in showjumping competitions. In other disciplines the competition itself is for free, but a license VLP/LEWB is required. We have several annual competitions such as the Student Riders League with its final at Jumping Mechelen. Our international Student Riders Nation Cup is a good example of what we do. In this SRNC we compete in teams of 3 riders against other student rider nations. We’re proud to welcome 15 different countries year after year.

Our national competition is mixed with events across entire Belgium. Around 6 times a year we go abroad to compete in other SRNC’s. While for national competitions you’ll need your own horse to compete. The international events are somewhat different. You never take a horse for those events, you’ll get several to ride while you go the next round..

Lets not forget we’re students, so its more then studying and riding! Join us, travel with us, party with us. Wherever we are, we’ll take you with us.