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Dorien Berkers

President Head of the BVSR-ABEC Leading daily operations. The lady that know everything. And knows how to dance, with presidential elegance.


Jolien Staes

Director Of Competitions (DOC) Vice – President (FL) The director of competitions is the main responsible for our national competition. She overlooks our schedule and makes sure the competition runs smoothly. Vice-presidents are the key to overcome our (language) differences when needed.


Nina Wils

National Responsable (NR) The NR is the our main representative when we go abroad. She’s in charge of the registrations for our international teams. And with her presence, she always makes sure Belgium got noticed!

srnc irl 2016 julie leeuws

Julie Leeuws

Vice – President (WL) Our Wallonian vice-president is in charge of all wallo-brux affairs. She’s the DOC’s right-hand for organising competitions in Wallonia. Vice-presidents are the key to overcome our (language) differences when needed.


Tine Van Oost

Treasurer Keeping track of our treasure. Making sure everything is paid and everyone has paid. You better pay the bill when dating this lady!

srnc irl 2016 kirsten provot

Kirsten Prevot

Member of the G.C. Director of Dressage (DOD) Our ponydancer is off course head of our Dressage Competition. Together with the DOC she makes sure we have a serious dressage competition. Abroad she makes sure we don’t fail in dancing ponies. Be aware, she knows her moves!


Robin Moors

National Delegate (ND) Director of Eventing (DOE) Former presidents become National Delegates when they retire. Advising new (board) members is their main job. Our Director of Eventing is making sure the eventing competitions run smoothly together with the DOC. ND’s know what it is to travel, you better catch-up or let him fly..

Dries Vercauteren

Director of Media He’s in charge of our media-channels. If he’s not on facebook, he’s probably riding or partying. Communication is his thing. Better watch out what you’re doing, or you’ll end up online!