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Stierna Equestrian Sportswear is a Swedish brand with an innovative, technical range designed and developed by dedicated riders. Stierna combines specialist knowledge from the sports and outdoor industry to create a range of high-quality equestrian sportswear that allows the athlete to perform at their optimum no matter the weather conditions.
The advanced simplicity of the Stierna range is focused on a three-layer system, combining and layering garments. With its athletic fit, the range is ergonomically designed and has a strong core range that including base and mid layers, plus outerwear for all conditions.
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The code is valid until 15th of April and is exclusive to SRNC members. The code cannot be combined with other discount codes.

Swedish K9 HORSE has set out to develop high quality coat care products with the horse’s best interest at heart. We have a wide range of gentle and effective products for all horse breeds and coats. Our commitment to natural ingredients and an environmentally friendly production helps us maintain our high status around the world. Experience a long-lasting result of a moisturized and dirt-repellent coat with incredible luster.

Trainers die lessen sponsoren

Ook danken we de trainers die lessen sponsoren aan onze vereniging. Deze lessen worden uitgedeeld als prijzen op onze proeven. Dit jaar danken we volgende trainers:


  • Gilles Dunon
  • Gilles Nuytens
  • Gilles Thomas
  • Gudrun Patteet
  • Jan Vandoorne
  • Jean-Christophe De Grande
  • Jeroen De Winter
  • Marc Van Dijck
  • Thibeau Spits
  • Wilm Vermeir