SRNC België

by | 20 Apr 2017 | Laatste Nieuws

What a weekend!

This weekend  our International Competition for Student Riders took place in Leuven.  There were 18 international teams who competed in 6 different rankings: individual jumping, dressage and combined; team ranking jumping, dressage and combined. For Belgium it where 3 newbies who  represented the flag. With Celien Meert, Marine Lopez Da Silva en Lise Van Der Veken we had a really strong team.  But they weren’t the only Belgian riders.  Also Caroline van der Heyden , Kevin Scholiers (Golden Oldies Team) Delphine Thys ( team international 3)and Camille Dehaybe ( Team International 1 ) did their best in this competition.

Celien Meert was the Shining Star of the SRNC! She kicked it  for jumping AND dressage to the semi-finals. Finally she was 3th in dressage and 4th in the jumping,discipline. With these results she won the combined individual ranking and she may call herself the best rider of the competition!  Marine and Lise did a great job too. Marine ended 8th in show jumping and 18th in dressage. Lise ended 32th in showjumping and 34th in dressage from the 54 riders in total. This result brought the team to a 5th place in dressage, a second place in showjumping and a second place in the combined ranking. Well Done Team Belgium!

The rest of our Belgian riders also performed well.

Golden oldies Caroline and Kevin where riding together with Susan Hold in the Gold team. Caroline van der Heyden  earned a fine 5th place in dressage, 18th place in showjumping and a 5th place combined. Kevin Scholliers  rode himself to a 35th place dressage a 27th place in the showjumping and a 36th place combined. Together with the points from Susan they worked themselves to a nice third place in dressage and combined!

Camille en Delphine rode in 2 international teams. For Camille there was a 24th place in dressage, a 36th place in show jumping and a 32th place combined. Delphine: 44th dressage, 14th dressage and a 30th place combined.

I think we can look back on a wonderful and exhaustive weekend with great sport and a lot of fun!

Last but not least,  the OC mustn’t forget to give lots of thanks, hugs and kisses to Dorien who did a great job on her first SRNC as president and to Yannick for  his helping hands who moves to Norway!  Also a lot of love for Equnews who sponsored the prices off this competition.

See you all next Year!