Update Antarès Criterion

by | 13 Aug 2016 | Laatste Nieuws

6 down, 3 to go…
After our last competition at Stal Baukeland our provisional ranking changed a bit. For now it will be Celien Meert who will take home the Antarès helmet at Jumping Mechelen as Femke and Anne have already won one at previous events. Will she be able to maintain her position during the events yet to come? Or will someone else run off with the coveted helmet? Let’s find out and join us at Studentenproef Antarès Criterium Azelhof Horse Events!

Below the top 15 at this point, who will compete at the Belgian Championship for Studentriders at Jumping Mechelen:

  1. Femke D’Hoore (52 points)
  2. Anne De Doncker (47 points)
  3. Celien Meert (47 points)
  4. Larissa Carnoy (38 points)
  5. Ilke Van Hese (29 points)
  6. Esther Schelfhaut (28 points)
  7. Dries Vercauteren (28 points)
  8. Nina Wils (22 points)
  9. Lisa Lippens (22 points)
  10. Caroline Vanderheyden (20 points)
  11. Cédric Maere (20 points)
  12. Lauren Jaubin (17 points)
  13. Kaeye Anné (17 points)
  14. Florence Bekaert (17 points)
  15. Sylvie Broothaerts (16 points)